The Good Samaritan Agency understands that adoption is a life long process and for many people whose life has been affected by adoption, this means you have many unanswered questions.  Our agency assists people who were adopted through our agency with learning more about their adoption and/or assisting in the search process.  We also will assist birth parents with the search process to possibly locate their birth child.  ALL search cases are handled in a confidential manner and only proceed if all parties are open to sharing information or having contact.  If you are interested in these services, you may call the agency, 942-7211or 1-800-249-1811and ask to speak with our adoption caseworker, Jill Holyoke, LSW.

People interested in receiving information about their adoption or considering a search, must complete a PLAS packet, which must include copies of photo identification to verify your identity as well as release forms.  A fee schedule outlining search-related fees will be included.  Once the appropriate forms have been received, the agency can send you non-identifying information that is in the record. The agency can try to locate the person for up-dated information and/or reunion, but remember that everything will remain confidential and non-identifying unless allparties agree.  Not all search cases are successful in locating the individual in question.

In January 2009, Maine law changed to allow adoptees access to their original birth certificate.  You can learn more about this option by contacting the Maine Office of Vital Statistics in Augusta, Maine or accessing their website.

Searching can be a very emotional process and sometimes it is very helpful to have someone to talk with.  If you need support or have questions, please do not hesitate to call us.

We look forward to working with you. Please call 207.942.7211if you have any questions.